April 30, 2010

Bombs Near Clooney: Danger?

George Clooney's perfect life was rocked by some serious drama this week, as a bomb was found near his home. But not a bomb from some sort of stalker or terrorist, but a bomb that had been there for almost 60 years, and was left over from World War 2.

In fact it was an entire arsenal of decades-old weapons and artillery, found only 50 feet or so from Clooney's Villa in Italy. A dead body was also recently found near Clooney's Italian home, but apparently it was coincidental and not connected to the actor or his girlfriend.

Clooney's prime real estate in Italy made big news when he bought it, a 30 room Villa in Lake Como than anyone would love to own, even if a few boms popped up now and then.

Bombs Near Clooney

An arsenal of WWII bombs was reportedly found near George Clooney's Lake Como villa on Thursday, but the actor appears to be taking the scare in stride. However, while Access has confirmed this discovery, Access has also learned that a dead body was recently found near Clooney's estate. In news first reported by Britain's Daily Mail and later confirmed by Access Hollywood, military experts removed a deadly arsenal that included grenades, mortars and aircraft bombs from the waters of Lake Como, just 45 feet away from the actor's palatial Italian home.

Bombs Near Clooney

Posted at April 30, 2010 3:22 AM