April 29, 2010

Southwest: $200,000 Fine for Bumping

Southwest Airlines is facing a biit of justice that's a long time coming, for the millions of passengers who have suffered through being bumped from flights over the years.

The airline is being hit with a $200,000 fine by the government for failing to properly deal with overselling their flights, and giving proper compensation to passengers in return for getting bumped.

"The Department of Transportation is committed to protecting the rights of airline passengers. We expect airlines to comply with our rules when they must bump passengers, and we will take enforcement action when they do not."

Southwest: $200,000 Fine for Bumping

Southwest Airlines Co. has been hit with a $200,000 fine for violating federal rules on how it handles oversold flights, the U.S. Department of Transportation said Tuesday. Federal rules require airlines that have oversold a flight to seek volunteers by offering compensation. If an airline cannot persuade enough people to give up their seats, it must give a written statement to people bumped involuntarily that explains their rights and how the airline picked them.

Southwest: $200,000 Fine for Bumping

Posted at April 29, 2010 4:42 AM