April 4, 2010

Dad Saves Daughter: East River Miracle (PHOTO)

A terrifying situation became a heartwarming Easter story of heroism this weekend, as a dad saves his daughter from drowning in the East River.

The 3 year old girl had fallen 20 feet from a boat in the South Street Seaport, in downtown NY. After she fell into the river below, that dad immediately dove in after her, with no regard for his own safety, doing whatever he could to save the girl. She had somehow slipped off of a gangplank of sorts, and he was in the water behind her within seconds. Another tourist from France jumped in right behind and helped both of them back to land.

The dad was visiting with his family from California, according to the latest reports. He is not talking to the press just yet, though certainly he will have ample opportunity to do so if he wants to. Thank goodness this story had such a happy ending!

Dad Saves Daughter: East River Miracle

A desperate dad jumped into the East River save his 2-year-old daughter after she fell 20 feet from a boat at South Street Seaport. The little girl, Bridgette, somehow slipped off a gangplank around 4:40 p.m. Saturday. Witness Eric Stringer said the girl's father, identified as California resident David Anderson, was in the water after her in seconds. He dove into the water and came up holding her. An onlooker jumped in to help the dad get back to the pier, and other people in the crowd offered assistance as well...

Dad Saves Daughter: East River Miracle

Posted at April 4, 2010 3:47 PM