April 1, 2010

Justin Bieber: Funny or Die Takeover! (VIDEO)

In a shocking show business development (that might have something to do with today's date) Justin Bieber has officially conquered the Funny or Die website and made it a part of his tween heartthrob empire.

The announcement went up today that Justin Bieber had officially bought out the popular comedy website, that also recently became a TV show on HBO. Said the young singing superstar: "Hey what's up, Internet? Guess who? Justin Bieber. And I've taken over FunnyOrDie. It's mine, I bought it."

Justin Bieber: Funny or Die Takeover!

Justin Bieber is having the last laugh with FunnyOrDie.com. The teen idol has conquered the comedy site for April Fools Day, changing its name to "Bieber or Die" and covering its background with photos of himself and his famous hair. Biebs also filmed a number of videos for the site, including parodies of a number of viral hits - "Bieber After The Dentist" (after "David After Dentist"), "Bieber Takes a Tumble" and more. He also cracked a few original jokes in a clip announcing his site takeover...

Justin Bieber: Funny or Die Takeover!

Posted at April 1, 2010 5:16 PM