April 1, 2010

Sidney Poitier Car Crash

Fans are worrying for legendary actor Sidney Poitier today, as news broke that the 83 year old was involved in a car acident while driving in Los Angeles.

Initial reports indicate Poitier was not injured in the accident, in which he was driving his Mercedes Benz, and got into a crash with a Porsche. Someone from the Porsche was hospitalized after the incident, but there is no word yet on it being a serious injury.

According to a spokesperson: 'Poitier was driving a dark-coloured Mercedes Benz northbound when it collided with a dark-coloured Porsche. Poitier was not injured but a passenger in the Porsche was transported to UCLA Medical Centre with non-life threatening injuries.'

According to experts there can be challenges for elderly people who try to keep driving and remain safe drivers, but that doesn't mean no older citizens should drive. Safe elderly drivers need to maintain a complex coordination of skills. The physical and mental changes of getting older can diminish the abilities of elderly drivers, by causing a slowdown in response time, issues with vision and hearing, and a loss of muscle strength and flexibility.

Many older drivers stull do just fine though, so it has to be judged on a case by case basis, and you can't just assume any older person's accident is because of their age. So don't judge Sidney Poitier for his car crash! And remember, they call him Mr. Tibbs.

Sidney Poitier Car Crash

Hollywood veteran Sidney Poitier has been involved in a car accident. The 83-year-old was driving his Mercedes-Benz when it and a Porsche collided on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. The accident happened about 4pm on Monday afternoon - and while Poitier escaped injury, a passenger in the other vehicle was taken to hospital.

Sidney Poitier Car Crash

Posted at April 1, 2010 3:54 PM