April 1, 2010

Ronald McDonald Retirement Scandal

Seems like nobody can avoid a scandal these days, and the latest victim of our controversy culture is none other than Ronald McDonald, who critics say needs to be banished from the kingdom for helping to make children get fat.

Ronald McDonald has been one of the most famous commercial mascots for decades. but with the recent focus on healthy diets and especially childhood obesity, many are wondering if it's really very cool to have a clown, which obviously especially appeals to kids, promoting fatty fast food that is far from the healthiest. (Sure they have a salads now, technically, but let's be honest most of us don't go there for the salads.)

Maybe asking him to go away forever is a bit too much, and Ronald could instead be changed to offer more advice on fitness and proper diet, and be seen doing exercise and eating salad and fruit more often? McDonald's, like most everything, is okay in moderation, but I do think it's fair to say a lot of us eat too much, especially young people who develop bad habits for a lifetime.

Ronald McDonald Retirement Scandal

If a corporate watchdog gets its way, one of the world's most recognizable clowns will be forced to retire Corporate Accountability Intl. says Ronald McDonald is fueling childhood obesity, and the Boston-based nonprofit is planning a retirement party today at a McDonald's in downtown Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune... The group, made up of health care professionals and parents, has taken on Joe Camel in the past. Whether it can end Ronald's 50-year run as corporate spokesman remains to be seen...

Ronald McDonald Retirement Scandal

Posted at April 1, 2010 2:17 PM