April 1, 2010

Terry Dorsey: $100,000 Hoax!

Just in time for April Fools Day, a major hoax has been revealed: radio host Terry Dorsey had fooled everyone into believing he took a $100,000 payment to change his name in honor of the Texas Motor Speedway.

According to the news reports this week, Dorsey agreed to legally change his name to "TexasMotorSpeedway.com," which was confirmed by a press release Dorsey sent out, and then picked up by press around the country.

The president of the Motor Speedway Eddie Gossage was also playing along with the joke, and posted a photo on Facebook of the check he would supposedly give to Dorsey if he accepted the offer to change his name. but after it becaqme such a big story they decided to tell the truth a little early, to avoid any undue controversy.

Said Gossage: "We meant no malice. This started when the radio station [KSCS 96.3-FM] asked us if we would play along. We thought it would only be a radio promotion and that would be it. But it kind of caught fire and grew into something we didn't expect."

Terry Dorsey: $100,000 Hoax!

A $100,000 offer from Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage to a radio personality to change his name to promote the track was a hoax, Gossage said Wednesday. Gossage and TMS officials sent out an official release Wednesday on speedway letterhead saying Dallas DJ Terry Dorsey had accepted Gossage's offer of $100,000 to legally change his name to TexasMotorSpeedway.com. Media outlets across the country ran the story before Gossage admitted it was a fake, intended as an April Fool's joke.

Terry Dorsey: $100,000 Hoax!

Posted at April 1, 2010 2:46 AM