April 1, 2010

Crook Fishing Hook

Police solved a rather peculiar crime this week, as a local crook was actually using a fishing hook to try and steal bags of money from the bank.

The creative but somewhat deluded would-be bank robber tried to pilfer from a local bank in South Carolina, using a fishing line to try and pull bags out of the night deposit drop box. The foiled plan was discovered when workers found mysterious fishing hooks mixed in amongst the bags.

The bank's security measures for the deposit box would not allow this cockamamie plan to work, as it is a trap door that wouldn't open back the other way when you try to pull something out.

With all the worry about the financial system and the stability and security of our banking institutions, it's good to know at least our banks are too big too to be foiled by fishing hooks.

Crook Fishing Hook

South Carolina authorities said a fishing crook never had a chance to land the big one. Police told The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg a robber tried to steal money bags from a bank's night deposit drop box using fishing line and hooks. Authorities said employees at a First Citizen's Bank in Orangeburg found a fishing hook in a bag last Friday morning and at least two other hooks in the box. One hook still had a small piece of fishing line attached.

Crook Fishing Hook

Posted at April 1, 2010 5:04 AM