April 4, 2010

Jimmy Hoffa Legend: Buried Again?

Legend has had it forever that Jimmy Hoffa was buried under the end zone in Giants Stadium, so now that the entire stadium itself is being torn down, we may never know if it was really true that Hoffa was in there!

Many are even saying that with the demolition of the stadium, Jimmy Hoffa is basically being buried again. The legend of Jimmy Hoffa being buried in the end zone was first popularized by the testimony of a witness named Tony the Greek, who said he knew what happened to Hoffa, and that he had been cut into pieces before being buried in the west end zone.

"When that information came to our attention we batted it around, but we were all convinced in the end that this guy was not reliable," heWe were able to prove to our mind that what he was telling us couldn't have happened because he either couldn't have been there or he was in jail at the time."

Jimmy Hoffa Legend: Buried Again?

- As the story goes, former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa has attended every event at Giants Stadium since 1976, buried in a final resting place somewhere under the west end zone. As former New York Giants punter Sean Landeta once joked, "It gives a whole new meaning to kicking into the coffin corner." More than 20 years after a self-described mob hit man set the rumor mill in motion with an interview in Playboy magazine, the question lingers: Is the answer to one of the enduring mysteries of the 20th century buried beneath the stadium - and about to be buried even deeper when the stadium is demolished this spring?

Jimmy Hoffa Legend: Buried Again?

Posted at April 4, 2010 4:20 AM