April 8, 2010

Bridget Sheridan, East River Heroes

Bridget Sheridan is the name of the girl at the center the heroic rescue pulled off by a dad and a good samaritan who both jumped in the East River to save a young child who had just fallen in from the South Street Seaport.

'Bridget Sheridan' East River Heroics

Duret and his girlfriend were visiting the seaport on their last day in New York when they saw a figure fall into the water. "I approached the water and looked down. I thought it was a doll," he told the Daily News. "Then I realized it wasn't a doll, it was a baby."

'Bridget Sheridan' East River Heroics

Now the mysterious Frenchman has been found, and his name is Julien Duret from the Lyon region of France. He dove in jus seconds after 2 year old Bridget Sheridan plunged into the waters of the South Street Seaport. But the French hero disappeared right after the incident, and nobody could find him to claim his 15 minutes of fame.

But now the media has finally caught up with him, and Duret is speaking about his experience saving Bridget Sheridan, saying "The emotion took over, I didn't think at all. It happened very fast. I reacted very fast ... I've never done anything like that before."

Who Rescued Tot From River Plunge?

The mysterious man who leaped into the East River to rescue a toddler who fell in has been found. And he says he didn't even think twice before diving into the chilly water to help save the child's life. Julien Duret, 29, of Lyon, France, is the man who vanished after the rescue on Saturday, according to the Daily News. He plucked 2-year-old Bridget Sheridan out of the water after she fell off a gangplank at the South Street Seaport museum. He handed the little girl to her father, who dove in right after him.

Posted at April 8, 2010 3:03 AM