April 7, 2010

Grandpa Favre!

Brett Favre a grandpa? Yes sir! The 40 year old NFL superstar has added another great achievement to his life, becoming a grandfather for the first time as his daughter Brittany who is 21 gave birth to her first son, Parker Brett. Favre said on his website that he is proud to be grandpa, without giving much other detail, but what else needs be said!

The Hall of Fame-bound quarterback has been around in the NFL so long it seems like he's an old man, but he's actually only 40 years old, so it's a bit surprising to hear he just became a grandfather. But it's true!

Brett confirmed this week that his daughter Brittany just gave birth to her first child. Congratulations to them both for the healthy and happy baby. Favre is still holding us in suspense about whether he wuill return yet again to the NFL after an historic comeback last year where he played as well as ever. But on how he feels about being a Grandpa I'm sure there'll be no wavering!

Brett Favre, Grandpa!

Brett Favre's teammates had some fun at his expense last season when they placed a rocking chair in front of his locker. Favre is only 40 years old, but as an NFL player that qualifies him as ancient. If Favre does decide to return for a 20th season, Vikings players will have some new ammunition in their quest to remind him of his age. Favre confirmed to ESPN's Ed Werder that his daughter, Brittany, recently gave birth to a son. That's right, Brett Favre is now a grandpa...

Brett Favre, Grandpa!

Posted at April 7, 2010 6:28 AM