April 9, 2010

17 Years: GE Light Bulb Revolution?

The lightbulb game continues to change, as first we were encouraged to switch to fluorescent bulbs and now the next level is coming into form: LED bulbs. The new LED bulb about to be sold by GE costs a staggering $50, but it last so long, a full 17 years so they claim, that it could become the best deal yet, and the future of light bulbs.

Incandescent lightbulbs, the ones we all grew up on, are going out of style, and will soon not even be allowed on market at all, as manufacturing ceases on them of the next 5 years or so. People have been reluctant to switch to fluorescent because of habit, and the different color temperature, and for these new LED bulnbs that could be even more true as they are known not to be as warm as "regular" bulbs.

But GE promises ther newer ones will be warmer and give light more like what we are used to, and the money and resources saved will be so huge, in the long run we may all be beter off making that switch!


Replacing your old lightbulbs with fluorescent models saves money. Replacing them with LED bulbs promises even greater efficiency ... at a hefty price. LED bulbs are dramatically more expensive than fluorescents (bulbs in stores are usually compact fluorescents, or CFLs), partly because the technology is so new. Hoping to bring the cost of bulbs down is GE, which has announced plans to bring out an LED bulb that gives you 17 years worth of light and costs $50 per bulb.

Posted at April 9, 2010 5:59 PM