September 10, 2010

African-American uses DNA, Royalty Cameroon!

Many people have discovered new thing about their famiy through new DNA research technology, but how many have found out they are actual royalty?

That's what one African-American lucked into this month, when he traced back his family tree and found he descended from royalty in Cameroon!

William Holland has been fully accepted by the ruling family he connected himself with, and will soon be bringing his family over there soon and getting the full royal treatment. DNA testing has brought great new steps forward in our ability to trace back our family genealogy.

African-American uses DNA, Royalty Cameroon!

William Holland, a genealogical researcher living in Atlanta, has seen some pretty strange twists in his family tree. Several years ago, he found out that his great-grandfather was a black slave ... who wound up serving as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War. But this year Holland's research resulted in something even stranger. Thanks to DNA testing, Holland is being welcomed as a long-lost relative by a ruling family of the West African nation of Cameroon. He's visited the country once already, back in March, and he'll be getting the royal treatment in November when he goes back with additional members of his family, including his 79-year-old mother.

African-American uses DNA, Royalty Cameroon!

Posted at September 10, 2010 10:38 AM