September 5, 2010

New Adventures of Flipper: Alba Bikini Pics

Jessica Alba is known as a fully grown sex symbol nowadays, but back when she was a kid she was already making movies, and co-starred with a dolphin!

Alba had her first big break starring in the New Adventures of Flipper in 1995, spending time underwater filming with the dolphins, in a remake of the classic TV show Flipper from a previous generation.

Since then she has become a top sex symbol in such movies as Fantastic Four and the upcoming Machete, and her many bikini photos and lingerie photos are always top searches on the internet.

New Adventures of Flipper Alba

Now there's a headline you never thought you'd see, but it's kinda true. Remember when the Fantastic Four star was on the syndicated New Adventures Of Flipper back in the 90s, when she was just a teenager? Seems that the male dolphins got a little bit too amorous with the star while they swam together: "Dolphins get excited, even when you're a human being, and they have long, long...I didn't know this until I was poked by a few of them, which was very rude. I sort of requested female dolphins after that because those are little b--s..."

New Adventures of Flipper Alba

Posted at September 5, 2010 6:02 AM