August 6, 2009

Julia Child Attended Le Cordon Bleu (VIDEO)

The new film "Julie & Julia" is leading many people to rediscover the charm and magic of the orifinal superstar chef Julia Child, and revisit her triumphant story of a rise from humble beginnings to become one of the most influential and popular culinary stars.

Julia Child grew up in California but moved to Paris in 1949, and upon having her first first-rate french meal saw the light for the first time, and knew she must learn to master this cuisine.

She signed up for the famous cooking school Le Cordon Bleu, and this is where her cooking career was born. Her experiences overcoming the odds to be a top student at Le Cordon Bleu is the main focus of this new movie Julie & Julia, where Julia Child is portrayed wonderfully by Meryl Streep, capturing much of Child's charm and spirit. The other half of the movie with Amy Adams is not as strong, but the film is a tasty treat for Julia Child's life at Le Cordon Bleu and beyond. The owners do not allow it to be embedded but you can see a video of Julia Child speaking about her memories of Le Cordon Bleu here.

Julia Child Attended Le Cordon Bleu (VIDEO)

"Le Cordon Bleu (French for "blue ribbon") is the world's largest hospitality education institution, with 29 schools in five continents serving 20,000 students annually. Its primary education focus is on hospitality management and the culinary arts..."

Julia Child Attended Le Cordon Bleu (VIDEO)

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