August 7, 2009

George Sodini in Dating Workshop Video With R. Don Steele

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screenshot of R. Don Steele video with Sodini seen sitting on the left

New details continue emerging about George Sodini, who carried the horrible murders this week in Pennsylvania. In this internet age, whenever a terrible crime happens, the criminal usually leaves behinds counltess morbid details of his life on the internet, and George Sodini has been no exception.

Today many people have been discussing Sodini's connection with R. Don Steele, one of the better known "pick-up artist" coaches. The Pick-Up Artist culture his best known for the book "The Game" by Neil Strauss, who was reportedly a student of R. Don Steele before learning new tricks from the next generations of "players" including the VH1 celebrity Mystery.

In George Sodini's Youtube video you see an R. Don Steele book on his table, and there is other evidence of them interacting, and even video of a Steele seminar with Sodini visible in the audience (apparently Steele has taken this video down from his page, we are looking for another copy). This is leading many to wonder what role the pick-up artist teachings had in Sodini's life, and its tragic end.

Many who believe in "The Game" have said that if Sodini only learned their methods and applied them properly he could have connected with women and gotten over his isolation and depression.

But others, including some top political blogs, have pointed out the hateful comments made by some supporters of the game Some commenters on pick up artist blogs seemed to actually justify Sodini's actions and portrayed women as the bad guys, basically saying they force men to become psycho killers when they refuse to date and sleep with them. Critics say this type of advice would not help Sodini at all, and might even encourage him in his insane hatred of women.

As I see it, if he wanted a real loving relationship with a woman, I don't think the pick-up artist game would really help that much, since it's mostly based on manipulating and deceiving women so you can make a short term dating connection, and that's usually not the path to a long term relationship with mutual love and respect.

But really, who knows what went on in George Sodini's mind. At the end of the day, this action was nobody's fault but his own. And he clearly had much deeper issues than anyone could fix just by going on more dates...he needed professional help, and then some. Blaming pick up artist gurus is questionable (though some of their comments about this case are horrifying), and blaming women is definitely completely ridiculously wrong.

George Sodini Dating Workshop With R. Don Steele

"What would Sodini have learned from Steele? Basically, R. Don's message boils down to this: women hate nice guys. Be a brash, confident, son of a bitch, and target your approaches at young waitresses. Don always preferred them in the 19-21 range. That 2000 story about Steele and Jeffries is no longer on-line, so I'll post it here, for those who want a more detailed understanding of what Steele was teaching Sodini..."

George Sodini Dating Workshop With R. Don Steele

Posted at August 7, 2009 5:49 PM

Most men that have tried to pick me up have been single for years (or haven't had six for many years). When they share this information with me, I disassociate myself. Why? Because they look for me to make up for "all" the years (in and out of bed) meaning they become co-dependent, want to be around me 24/7, and are extremely needy.

Posted by: Sandie at August 7, 2009 8:03 PM

@ Sandie,
just seems like you can't handle all the action and therefore would have been a time waster anyway, and are probably a waste of time in general


While I definitely don't believe that killing was the answer most women are about BS games and drama, especially young women. That may have been his problem, going after the young women who are all about superficial things instead of finding some one closer to his own age

Posted by: Sarah at August 7, 2009 9:39 PM

I really think this an age of man haters.Most woman are abusive and use the law to finance thier sick abuse.This is factual and reported in the CDC reports.Studies have shown that woman start 70% of abuse.When a man defends himself,the woman contacts police department(which most of the time is sexually biased against men)and says that the man is abusing her.The study shows what most of todays woman are up to.Most have been taught by the parents to or mothers to decieve men for thier money as soon as possible.This is sick! I used to look forward to meeting a nice lady.No more! Their isn't any!Now thier are studies to prove it.

Posted by: Jesse at August 7, 2009 10:44 PM

I think this generation is so sad now. There r more lonely men and women today then I have ever heard of being in the earlier generations. Men these days don't have what it take to catch a good woman. They look for the wrong things (easy sex and control) when suching for a woman. Common sense should tell them if it's that easy to get for you; then it would be that easy for the next man, and the next man, and maybe your brother too.. Men are pathetic and sad these days. They don't even have the gut to speak up and just ask a nice woman out. They just sit and stare at u in a stupid manner. Waiting on the woman to just throw their self at them. Too me, that is not a real man. How sad most of them are. Not saying all are like that. But most are.
It's like sex is the only thing they know in life. These kind of men really need God in their life. Then maybe they will be more happy and man enough to know how and approach a descent woman. Without spiritual growth, they will always be looking for happiness in sex.. And that includes women too. So that's why there's so many gays & lesbians now..Just sad sad sad..

Put the above first.. And u won't give into the temptations so easily.. Diana

Posted by: diane at August 7, 2009 10:53 PM

Women who have bad experiences blame the men.. men who have been jilted blame the women. Yet they chose the people they wanted to be with. No one holds a gun to your head. It's important to find someone who has similiar interests and values. I have buddies who pick up women very easily.. and their happiness is always short term. yes they like to brag about being "hounds" and shagging this one and that.. but they are also the first ones to complain about not being satisfied with life. If they find a woman they love.. they get bored sexually and begin to roam and the relationship collaspses. If they play the field they complain about a lack of meaning in their lives that women don't understand them. As if anyone could. Women on the other hand don't know want they want half the time. Should they live like Madonna or a character from a Jane Austen novel? They manipulate, whine, nag, etc. If you're too nice they think you're a wimp and weak. If you act like a bad boy and treat them like crap once in awhile.. they seem to have more respect for you. The best advice I can give is develope as many interests as you can. Live a well rounded life. Relationships are but one aspect. Improve you mind, improve your body. We are companions to all.. and all is our companion.

Posted by: Plato at August 8, 2009 12:57 AM

I don't believe that there is some special "dating art" at all. That may ruin all when someone pretends to be someone else and is actor and not himself.

Posted by: regula at August 10, 2009 1:32 AM

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