December 31, 2009

Facebook Seppukoo Death Feud

Facebook is declaring war on another site that helps users kill their own Facebook accounts, leading to a Seppukoo vs. Facebook death match.

The duel comes as Seppukoo, named after the Japanese Samurai tradition of taking one's own life, is accused of breaching Facebook's terms by setting up a third party means to shut down your account. Users had complained that Facebook made it too difficult to get rid of your own account without help.

but Seppukoo's makers, a grou of subversive Italian artists named Les Liens Invisibles, are not buckling under, and say they plan to fight Facebook on this and keep their site alive. It's ahrd to see what the logic is for Facebook shutting this site down, since countless other sites are set up to use your Facebook info and alter things in your Facebook account. Should they be able to shut this one out just because it closes accounts? We'll see how the duel plays out.

Facebook Seppukoo

Remember Seppukoo, that nifty little service that lets you kill your Facebook identity? Well, Facebook doesn't appreciate the idea. In fact, Facebook (Facebook) doesn't want Seppukoo to exist at all, claiming that it violates the statement of rights and responsibilities. Therefore, Facebook has sent a cease and desist letter to Seppukoo, asking the program to stop breaching terms of service...

Facebook Seppukoo

Posted at December 31, 2009 9:39 AM