December 31, 2009

Smoking Ban, January 1

A lot of cigarette smokers will be hurrying to get their last puffs in, as many places around town will fall under the boundaries of a new smoking ban that goes into effect on January 1.

Chicago is taking the lead in these new and far-reaching smoking bans, with embattled Governor Blagojevitch signing it sweeping hanges that ban cigarettes from all public places, pretty much. Business owners and others are decrying the new rules, but speaking as a New Yorker we heard similar protests here, and in the long run the smoking bans have turned out great, and not ruined businesses as was feared.

I don't believe in completely banning cigarette smoking, certainly in some outdoor public areas it should be legal, and inside your own home. But for the most part my sympathy for smokers is minimal, when they complain about their civil rights and liberty being violated. It's a toxic, disgusting and just plain dumb habit, that spreads a foul smell everywhere. It's not cool to do, and it makes the world less pleasant for everyone around you. Plus we all have to pay for the health care burden it creates. Basically you're lame if you do it.

Smoking Ban, January 1

Smoking is no longer allowed in Illinois--at least, not in public.

On July 23, Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) signed a statewide public smoking ban. As of January 1, smoking will be illegal in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, workplaces, and all public buildings. Smoking will also be banned within 15 feet of building entrances, exits, and windows. Illinois is the 19th state to pass such a law. American Medical Association President Ron Davis, M.D. called it "the strongest clean indoor air law in the country..."

Smoking Ban, January 1

Posted at December 31, 2009 9:30 AM