December 3, 2009

Ohio Man & Insanity Defense

In today's "we don't buy your lame excuses" news, the Ohio man accused of killing almost a dozen women and then burying them has now pled not guilty by reason of insanity, as his trial prepares to get underway.

Pleading insanity requires that you prove you have a serious mental illness, so much so that you cannot distinguish between right ad wrong. So prosecutors clearly have a strong case to make that this man, Anthony Powell, was very thoughtful and calculated in committing these crimes and then covering them up and hiding them, in a way that shows he must have known that he was doing something wrong (if you'll pardon the massive understatement).

I try in principle to have compassion for all people, even when they commit horrible acts. But it is difficult for me to fund much sympathy for this man's insanity claim. I would prescribe a daily dose of Put Him Under The Jail, for whatever illness he has.

Ohio Man & Insanity Defense

A registered sex offender accused of killing 11 women pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to all charges Thursday, a plea that will leave the legal system to decide whether a sane person can live for years with 10 bodies and a skull. Anthony Sowell, 50, entered the plea while being arraigned by video from jail. He appeared calm, keeping his cuffed hands on his lap, as a deputy stood behind him...

Ohio Man & Insanity Defense

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