December 26, 2009

Cary Grant's Five Wives

Cary Grant was known for starring classic movies, and in his lifetime was also known for busy love life that included no less than five wives over the years.

Grant's most famous wife might be actress Dyan Cannon, and she was the mother of his first child, but their marriage only lasted a year or so, ending with Cannon accusing him of being a tyrant in their relationship. This marriage came after three others Cary had started and finished, including the longest of his life, a 13 year connection with Betsy Drake that lasted from the 40s to the 60s.

Grant was also widely rumored to be bisexual, with many believing he has a long-term relationship with fellow actor Randolph Scott, among other Hollywood figures. Some of his wives have spoken out against this story though. For more info on his five wives, and his illustrious career (let's not forget he had that too!) see below.

Cary Grant's Five Wives

Grant was married five times, and was dogged by rumors that he was bisexual. He wed Virginia Cherrill on February 10, 1934. She divorced him on March 26, 1935, following charges that Grant had hit her. He married Barbara Hutton and became a father figure to her son, Lance Reventlow. The couple were derisively nicknamed "Cash and Cary," although in an extensive prenuptial agreement Grant refused any financial settlement...

Cary Grant's Five Wives

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