December 13, 2009

Freeman as Mandela: Amazing (VIDEO)

Reviews are coming in on Clint Eastwood's new movie, and many of them say Morgan Freeman has turned in possible his best performance yet as Nelson Mandela.

The film, Invictus, tells the story of South Africa's run at a rugby championship in the mid-90s, soon after Mandela had taken power in the newly emancipated South Africa. Morgan Freeman stidued for the role by spending time personally with Mandela so he could get to know him and really do him justice.

I don't always agree with Clint Eastwood politically but i respect his sensitivity and skill as a director, so I look forward to seeing what he and Morgan did with this one.

Freeman as Mandela: Amazing (VIDEO)

Nelson Mandela received the touch of "God" -- Hollywood-style -- when Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman prepared to play him in new movie "Invictus." Freeman said he was asked by the 91-year-old former South African president to portray him in the Clint Eastwood-directed film that debuts on Friday and also stars Matt Damon....

Freeman as Mandela: Amazing (VIDEO)

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