December 5, 2009

Beauty Queen & Cosmetic Surgery Fatality

This week brought a senseless tragedy in the world of cosmetic surgery, when a beauty queen died during a surgicial procedure to change the look of her posterior.

The victim, former Miss Argentina Solange Magnano, suffered an embolism right after the surgery, and was unable to be saved.

With so many cosmetic surgery procedures becoming more and more common, from botox to tummy tucks to breat implants to collagen and now the inexplicable butt implants, women are under more pressure than ever to meet unrealistic beauty ideals, and risk their health doing so. Perhaps this woman's tragic death can be a wake-up call for our society, that it's time to slow down this artificial beauty industry a bit?

Beauty Queen & Cosmetic Surgery Tragedy

A beauty queen and former Miss Argentina has died from complications following cosmetic surgery on her buttocks. She spent three days in a critical condition in hospital. The thirty-eight-year-old former Miss Argentina received cosmetic surgery on her buttocks but complications followed and the beauty queen passed away on Sunday...

Beauty Queen & Cosmetic Surgery Tragedy

Posted at December 5, 2009 4:27 AM

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