December 6, 2009

Simpsons Mr. Burns: Write-In Winner For Mayor!

Eeexcellent. The write in vote totals are in, and in the write-in votes for Mayor of New York, the winner is Mr. Montgomery Burns!

That is, not the winner of the election, but the winner out of everyone who got write-in votes. Which is more like the most popular loser, I suppose. But still, for a frail and evil old man who doesn't actually exist, that's quite an achievement. I'm doing my best impression of Homer Simpson logic right now. As a New Yorker I'm surprised there were not more write-in votes since people were pretty apathetic about the two major candidates, with billionaire Bloomberg basically spending his way to a slim victory over the humdrum Democratic nominee Thompson.

Simpsons Mr. Burns Write-In Winner!

Excellent! Fictional cartoon millionaire Charles Montgomery Burns scored the most write-in votes for mayor of New York, collecting 25, according to Board of Elections data. But that obviously wasn't enough for victory. D'oh! The Springfield mogul from "The Simpsons" was just one of the silly write-ins New Yorkers proposed for mayor.

Simpsons Mr. Burns Write-In

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