March 4, 2010

Jeffrey Skilling: New Trial

Jeffrey Skilling, the man held responsible for the huge accounting fraud scandal that ruined Enron and left them bankrupt, is taking his case before the Supreme Court this week, seeking to have that landmark conviction overturned.

Skillings attorneys claim that after the calamitous financial collapse of Enron, and the loss of thousands of jobs and a billion dollars of employee retirement funds, that it was impossible to get a fair trial in Houston where it all took place.

Skillings lawyers are arguing that in this financial scandal, "The degree of hostility and animus that existed in Houston against the defendants - Mr. Skilling in particular -was far more intense than other venues..."

Jeffrey Skilling: New Trial

Four years after a Houston jury found Jeffrey Skilling guilty of leading the accounting fraud that drove Enron Corp. into bankruptcy, that signature prosecution victory may be in jeopardy. The U.S. Supreme Court today will consider the former Enron chief executive officer's appeal, having already hinted that it will throw out at least one count of his conviction for so- called honest services fraud. Skilling's lawyers are seeking to overturn the entire 19- count conviction on the grounds that the trial should have been moved to another city.

Jeffrey Skilling: New Trial

Posted at March 4, 2010 3:17 AM