June 7, 2010

Drunk Driver Toll Booth Miracle! (VIDEO)

An amazing accident was captured on video this week, as a drunk driver went flying through the air after slamming into a tollbooth at high speed.

According to the police report, the woman told the cops herself that she 'had been rear-ended as she was approaching the toll plaza which caused her vehicle to strike the toll booth protector barricade, launch into the air, land on the roadway and catch on fire.'

But miraculously she was able to walk away from the disaster, and the toll booth worker also survived. See below for video of the barely averted disaster. Driving drunk is a very serious problem, and anyone who has a drinking problem and drives while intoxicated needs to get professional treatment for it or some kind of help such as a 23 step program. If you can't control yourself, get the help you need to gain control.

Drunk Driver Toll Booth

She definitely wasn't cleared for takeoff, and her choice of runway was somewhat ill-advised. This is the moment a drunk driver flies into the air after hitting a toll booth at high speed. Yasmine Villasana, 22, failed to brake at the gate and sent her Chevrolet Impala flying into the sky. She landed on the other side, leaving half of her undercarriage lying on the charred booth but miraculously she and the toll booth operator walked away from the wreckage.

Drunk Driver Toll Booth

Posted at June 7, 2010 5:52 AM