June 14, 2010

Jesse James Lawsuits: Justice?

Jesse James may have thought he was done paying the price for his sins, after losing his wife Sandra Bullock and winning the hate of everyone else in the world. But now it looks like there is more stress in his future, as he is facing a new round of lawsuits.

These new court dates for James are not even related to the cheating that ended his marriage. James has been the subject since 2007 for a lawsuit by a clothing company, an apparel company that said he breached a major contract with them. He then countersued, and that conflict has continued to this day.

Jesse James has had to get his divorce lawyers on the case for some time now, as his split with Bullock becomes permanent, and he has spent time in rehab for undisclosed issues as he tried to come to terms with his misdeeds. He has also done interviews trying to save face as best he can, but the public still seems to be unhappy with him.

Jesse James Lawsuits: Justice?

Jesse James is involved lawsuits in Los Angeles with an apparel manufacturer and distributor, according to The Associated Press. The Monster Garage star is scheduled to testify and attend all the proceedings. The apparel company sued James in 2007, claiming he had breached a contract that was worth millions of dollars to produce work wear; he denied that and countersued. On top of the court proceedings involving his motorcycle business, the 41-year-old also faces his upcoming divorce proceedings from estranged wife Sandra Bullock, and is in the middle of a custody battle with ex-wife Janine Lindemulder.

Jesse James Lawsuits: Justice?

Posted at June 14, 2010 2:18 AM