July 30, 2010

$1.7 Billion Worth Pot Seized

Even though marijuana continues to move towards being decriminalized, even in California the government is still cracking down on people who grow it, and this week a huge bust went down, with almost $2 billion worth of pot seized in raids.

But even though m,any people believe marijuana is harmless and has many medicinal benefits. "Tremendous devastation has been done and continues to be done by these industrial-sized grows. I think when people see what these marijuana grows do to their land, it makes a huge difference."

Federal agents destroyed almost 500,000 marijuana plants.

$1.7 Billion Worth Pot Seized

Nearly 100 people have been arrested in an ongoing sweep of marijuana-growing operations that has netted more than $1.7 billion worth of pot in California's Sierra Nevada range, federal and state agents said Thursday. Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said several Mexican drug cartels were involved in the grow operations and that most of the 97 people arrested are Mexican nationals. Agents were combing tracts of public land in the remote stretches of Fresno, Madera and Tulare counties.

$1.7 Billion Worth Pot Seized

Posted at July 30, 2010 11:40 AM