July 11, 2010

Glenn Beck Fingernail, MSNBC Snub

Playing off of Lindsay Lohan's recent profanity-laced fingernail message, Glenn Beck recently offered a hidden message of his own for rival network MSNBC, as seen in the video below.

Imitating Lohan's foul-mouthed manicure on the day of her sentencing last week, Beck painted his fingernails with the message "no ratings" for his liberal news media counterparts.

Said Beck about his arch-enemies: "Hey MSNBC... 'I wonder why I don't I don't have any ratings'... maybe because you're not covering anything that anybody wants to watch! Maybe because you're talking about Lindsay Lohan and she doesn't affect anyone's life!"

Glenn Beck is one of the top rated conservative news hosts, with hiew Fox News program bringing in millions of viewers every night. He's also a best selling author and recently even put out a book of fiction.

Glenn Beck Fingernail, MSNBC Snub

Glenn Beck channeled Lindsay Lohan Thursday. On his Fox News show, Beck devoted over 17 minutes to a segment about the liberal media ignoring stories he deemed critical. Midway through that segment, he took a page out of Lohan's book by sending MSNBC a message written on his fingernails. Earlier this week, Lohan was seen sporting "F**k U" on her nails during the court hearing at which she was sentenced to 90 days in jail. Beck's message for MSNBC? "NO RATINGS."

Posted at July 11, 2010 7:13 AM