July 11, 2010

James Cameron $350 Million Avatar

It looks like James Cameron has finally finished counting his money, and now we know exactly how much gold he collected from making his world of blue people.

The grand total of money he will make from Avatar: $350 million!

Cameron said he wasn't sure at first the studio would even back him on this film that had such an ambitious scope, and such a strong environmental "But my belief was that if I put enough sexy stuff in it with big action, and lots of cool design, and creatures, and 3-D and CG and all that stuff then people would come anyway,And then I knew that as a filmmaker that I could work on them emotionally, because that's what cinema was all about."

James Cameron $350 Million Avatar

The blue aliens of "Avatar" earned director James Cameron an unprecedented and staggering amount of green. With his gross percentage stake as writer, director and producer on the No 1 box office hit of all time, Cameron will make $350 million off the film, Deadline.com reports. Deadline blogger Nikki Finke cited Hollywood insiders' calculations based on both the "first dollar" gross off the film's $2.7 billion worldwide box office haul and the stellar
DVD sales. But Cameron may stand to pocket even more: the film will be re-released on 3-D IMAX screens for a two-week run starting Aug. 27. And a director's cut, 3-D DVD is also yet to be released.

James Cameron $350 Million Avatar

Posted at July 11, 2010 7:35 AM