July 11, 2010

Carrie Underwood Wedding This Weekend

Carrie Underwood finally got married this weekend to her hockey playing boyfriend Mike Fisher, and details are starting to come out about the uber-fancy wedding.

According to radaronline, the wedding planners set up a regal affair at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds plantation east of Atlanta, Georgia. The reports say over half a million dollars have been spend on the wedding and reception. Underwood arrived by helicopter after every single other guest was asked to leave the resort.

No photos or video have been found yet from the Carrie Underwood wedding, but the country music superstar and American Idol veteran is sure to have images of her newly minted marriage available some time soon!

Carrie Underwood Wedding This Weekend

The Radar Online site lists a number of new details about country star Carrie Underwood's wedding to pro hockey player Mike Fisher, happening this weekend at the Ritz Carlton, Reynolds Plantation a little more than an hour east of Atlanta. The event's supposed price tag hits the half-million mark, for example, and Underwood is expected to arrive by helicopter today. Because the Underwood-Fisher wedding has booked the entire resort, guests who had been staying there were gently asked to vacate by noon today. The Radar site posted a photo of the elegantly worded letter to guests politely requesting that they scram.

Carrie Underwood Wedding This Weekend

Posted at July 11, 2010 7:43 AM