August 2, 2010

New Link, Human Evolutionary Chain? (60 Minutes Video)

For centuries scientists, religious figures and regular folks have all wondered about the missing link in the evolutionary chain between apes and humans. But now for the first time in decades there is a new link, that scientists believe may solve the mystery of how we evolved.

The find was in the cradle of civilization, South Africa, where a 9 year old boy fossil was found, whose bones are said to be over two million years old! He is very well preserved and expected to provide a great deal of scientific insight into how mankind evolved.

Said one scientist about the South African site: "There's probably nowhere else on planet Earth that has a denser, better record of human origins than this land right here," See the link below for a video with more on this big news.

New Link, Human Evolutionary Chain? (60 Minutes Video)

Where do we come from? That's often the first question a child asks and it has bedevilled scientists for centuries. Well, today we're a little bit closer to answering it. This past Thursday it was announced - with great fanfare - that the remains of a nine-year-old boy were found in South Africa. He is almost two million years old. He's being called "Sediba," which means "source," and he stands somewhere on the road between ape and human.... He belongs to a previously unidentified species and anthropologists will be studying him for decades.

New Link, Human Evolutionary Chain? (60 Minutes Video)

Posted at August 2, 2010 6:02 AM