September 6, 2010

Michael Douglas Regrets: Fatherhood

AS Michael Douglas comes to terms with his cancer diagnosis, he is talking frankly and honestly about his life, both his high points and lows. And he says his biggest regret is not being there more often for his son, and putting work ahead of fatherhood.

"He was a rager early on. He was overworked. He was doing five-plus pictures a year. I just sort of stayed out of his way, but he did the best he could. My career was really just getting started and that was my focus, maybe more than it should have been, I was gone more than I should have been."

Douglas's son has had legal problems relating to dealing crystal meth, and other drug-related issues. Michael Douglas is going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments for his cancer. We wish him the best of luck, and love and strength to his family as well. Maybe this can bring them closer together in some way.

Michael Douglas Regrets: Fatherhood

Cancer-stricken Michael Douglas is copping to regrets he has about being a bad dad to his drug-dealing son, Cameron, confessing in an interview that he repeated the sins of his father. Douglas, 65, pointed out parallels between him and his dad, telling Men's Journal that he, too, had sacrificed fatherhood for his film career. The Oscar-winning star of the upcoming sequel "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps," broke his silence last week about his battle with stage-4 throat cancer.

Michael Douglas Regrets: Fatherhood

Posted at September 6, 2010 1:57 PM