October 2, 2010

Amy Fisher Film Career: Yep, THAT Kind Of Film

If someone told Amy Fisher was starting a film career you;d probably say "in what kind of film, an adult film?" And it turns out, you'd be right.

The infamous "Long Island Lolita" who made news with her affair with Joey Buttafuoco that led to a criminal end when she shot Joey's wife, is now taking her first official steps into the adult film industry. She used to say she would never do sex movies, but when a leaked sex tape with her husband came out and was a bit of a hit on DVD, she apparently changed her mind.

She has now signed on to do a series of three adult DVDs. Details are not available yet on what the movies will be about, but I'm sure producers are working on clever titles already.

Amy Fisher Film Career: Yep, THAT Kind Of Film

Amy Fisher, who rose to international infamy in the early 1990s for shooting her married lover's wife in the face on the couple's doorstep, has transitioned from unwitting sex tape 'star' to actual full time porn star, the attempted murderess admits. Once dubbed the "Long Island Lolita," (and sporting an accent that even made my twelve-year-old self embarrassed to say I was from Long Island) Fisher vowed to Maury Povich back when her first tape hit that porn wouldn't become a habit:

Amy Fisher Film Career: Yep, THAT Kind Of Film

Posted at October 2, 2010 5:37 AM