October 2, 2010

Mindy Cohn, Brangelina: Besties!

Apparently Brad and Angelina have found the perfect friend to teach their kids the Facts of Life: 80s TV star Mindy Cohn, who has become such a close friend to Brangelina that she is godmother to two of their their kids!

She has a diamond ring that the Jolie Pitt family gave to her, that is said to look very impressive on her finder. And she "visits [the Jolie-Pitts] wherever they go, and they pay for her airline ticket."

They met through Mindy's brother, so it is said, and have been close for years. I hope Tootie comes to visit sometimes too.

Mindy Cohn, Brangelina: Besties!

Mindy Cohn, star of 80's sitcom Facts of Life, has recently been displaying a gorgeous diamond ring which, according to a source at Us, is utterly "unbelievable" and is described as "four or five carats." This inside information comes from a co-worker of Mindy's on TLC's What Not to Wear who says that, "She wears it on her right finger." It is said to be an eye popping solitaire with diamonds all around in a white gold setting. Where did this item of such magnificence come from? When the insider asked Mindy she replied, "'Brad and Angelina gave it to me.'" The source revealed that Mindy met Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt through Angelina's brother, James Haven, and said that they are "very close" and has "known Brad for years."

Mindy Cohn, Brangelina: Besties!

Posted at October 2, 2010 5:22 AM