November 22, 2010

Boil-Water Order, New Orleans

More trouble for the endlessly plagued residents of New Orleans, as the local authorities have issued a boil-water order for the city after the water purification plants stopped working properly.

It doesn't cover the entire city, but many residents how cannot use tap water as they normally would due to health concerns about the quality of the water. For more information see below.

Boil-Water Order, New Orleans

The Sewerage & Water Board has announced a boil-water order for the entire east bank of New Orleans after a power failure late Friday at a water purification plant along South Claiborne Avenue caused water pressure to plummet across the area. The order, announced around 2 a.m., is in effect until further notice. It does not affect Algiers, which is served by a separate purification plant on the West Bank. The state Department of Health and Hospitals, which issued the order, advises customers to boil water for one minute after a rolling boil commences, then to let it cool before drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, bathing or preparing food.

boil-water order new orleans

Posted at November 22, 2010 6:54 AM