November 27, 2010

Test Your Current Events Knowledge: November!

Are you up on the biggest current events that have happened in the month of November? See how much you know with the quiz below!

Many important events historically have happened in the month of November, as this is when every president takes office. It;s also the time of year when the holiday season starts and many Black Friday sales get started, right after Thanksgiving. Check out the quiz below and see how much you know about current events in the month of November. This test covers not only this year but other November events in the recent past.

Test Your Current Events Knowledge and November

Nov. 21, 1990: Junk-bond financier Michael R. Milken, who had pleaded guilty to six felony counts, was sentenced by a federal judge in New York to 10 years in prison. How many years was he actually in prison?

a. He avoided all prison time.
b. About 2 years
c. About 5 years
d. He served almost all 10 years.

Nov. 21, 1980: TV viewers tuned in to the CBS prime-time soap opera "Dallas" to find out "who shot J.R." The shooter turned out to be J.R. Ewing's sister-in-law, Kristin Shepard, who was played by ...

a. Mary Crosby
b. Linda Gray
c. Susan Howard
d. Donna Reed

Test Your Current Events Knowledge and November

Posted at November 27, 2010 8:07 AM