March 16, 2011

Mike Tyson, Crackhead. (VIDEO)

Mike Tyson, always known for frank talk about himself, made heads turns yet again this week when he talked to Acess Hollywood about being a "fat crackhead."

Tyson talked about his recent wgiht loss saying "I became a vegan. I lost a 140 pounds. I always thought if you did cocaine, you stayed skinny. I didn't know you would turn into a fat crackhead. And you know there's nothing like a fat crackhead."

I'll say one thing for Mike Tyson: He'll be the first to tell you that he's no hero, and I'm not excusing all of his wrongdoing in the past, especially how he has treated women at times. But for as much ridicule as he gets for being "crazy," if you watch closely Tyson is really one of the most honest and self-aware celebrities when he talks about himself. And what people call "crazy" is usually just MIke being disarmingly frank.

Mike Tyson, Crackhead. yahoo

In an outlandish interview, Mike Tyson candidly jokes with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about his shock over gaining so much weight despite being addicted to cocaine. Why was he so surprised? Plus, what does Mike credit for his eventual weight loss? Mike Tyson picked up a bit of weight during his cocaine fueled downward spiral. The weight gain was a surprise to the former heavyweight boxing champ.

Mike Tyson, Crackhead.
Posted at March 16, 2011 6:41 AM