July 2, 2011

UFC 132 Chris Leben vs. Wanderlei Silva Knockout (VIDEO)

Tonight at UFC 132, Chris the Crippler Leben scored a spectacular knockout over legendary veteran Wanderlei Silva. Leben said it was the biggest moment of his career as Silva stormed right in with his usual berzerker style, and a flurry of Leben haymakers put Silva on the mat face first only seconds after the first round's opening bell. The entire fight lasted 29 seconds.

Leben said afterwards he was honored by Silva granting him the fight, and thanked him very generously for the opportunity. He could've let the guy fight a bit longer if he admires him so much! That was rough. But really, it's great to see such good sportsmanship.

UFC 132 Chris Leben vs. Wanderlei Silva KO Video

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Posted at July 2, 2011 10:23 PM