May 1, 2006

Reggie Evans Gropes Chris Kaman During NBA Playoffs

Wow. [Insert "loose balls" joke here]

ESPN details:

Kaman: Evans pulled testicles, prompting outburst

Chris Kaman received a flagrant foul. Reggie Evans may have instigated it.

The alleged circumstances, however, make it one of the more odd altercations during the NBA playoffs.

What exactly happened is what the NBA is trying to determine after Kaman's claim that Evans grabbed his testicles and "pulled hard" during Saturday's NBA playoff game in Denver, according to a report in Monday's Los Angeles Times. Kaman responded by shoving Evans and was assessed the flagrant foul.

Kaman reported his version of what happened to the officials and repeated it during an interview Sunday with NBA security, according to the Times. TV replays showed Evans putting his hand under Kaman's shorts during a battle under the boards.

"I told [the NBA] in complete detail what happened," Kaman said, according to the Times. "The three refs also knew what happened."

Kaman said he showed restraint in not punching Evans.

"With what we're trying to do, I didn't want to get thrown out," he said, according to the Times. "I thought about it, but I knew what would happen. "One of the refs said he would have knocked [him] out. It was crazy."

"When I saw it on TV, it was like, 'Wow,' " Clippers guard Sam Cassell said. "I asked the referees about it at halftime, and Jess Kersey, who has been in the league for [29] years, said he's never seen anything like it.

You know what, Reggie is a good guy. I think he just lost it for a minute."

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