May 2, 2008

Tom Cruise on Oprah 5/2/08 (COMPLETE VIDEO)

Tom Cruise on Oprah for her 25th Anniversary, Oprah Winfrey interviewed Tom Cruise in his Colorado home. Xenu did not make an appearance. Complete show below in 6 parts.







Tom Cruise on Oprah 5/2/08
This just in from Tom Cruise:

"Life isn't perfect."

Well, you could have fooled us. On Friday's "The Oprah Winfrey Show," sponsored, apparently by the Telluride Chamber of Commerce, Oprah Winfrey and her camera crew made the long, though terribly scenic, trek to the movie star's Colorado home for their first interview since the infamous "couch bounce" three years ago. After a strangely brief appearance by Katie Holmes and her astonishingly perfect hair, Cruise and Winfrey went on a tour of the family home -- from "the mudroom," where a pair of fleece-lined slippers marked "Oprah" filled one cubby, to daughter Suri's little "office" under the stairs, to the study where bound scripts from Cruise movies line the bookshelves (yes, there was "Cocktail," front and center) -- before settling into an overstuffed sofa.

"This is just so normal," Winfrey exclaimed as the two stood in the enormous, professionally outfitted kitchen while the camera went from the breathtaking mountain views to the plate of cupcakes on a kitchen table. You bet. Just two superrich, overexposed media icons sitting around talking.

Obviously, the interview, the first of two, if you can imagine, was Cruise's attempt to "settle all family business," to put to rest the rumors of mental instability that ran rampant through Hollywood after his manic appearance on "Oprah" was swiftly followed by his denunciation of Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants and his anti-psychiatry diatribe against "Today" host Matt Lauer. Since then, he has married Holmes, welcomed baby Suri, been "fired" from Paramount by Sumner Redstone, resurrected United Artists with production partner Paula Wagner, and, perhaps most important, returned to a haven of professional handlers -- after the "Oprah" debacle, he jettisoned his sister, who had been functioning as his publicist, and hired Paul Bloch from Rogers & Cowan.

Posted at May 2, 2008 9:04 PM