May 2, 2008

Whitney Cummings Video

from the new movie Made of Honor, here's a clip of standup from Whitney Cummings, video from Comics Unleashed and elsewhere. Whitney Cummings is getting a lot of buzz from the big movie appearance.

Whitney Cummings

"They say it takes 10 years to make a good comedian," notes Whitney Cummings, the 24-year-old D.C. native, reaffirming her commitment to a regimen that can include as many as three gigs a night at separate L.A.-area clubs, followed by morning auditions.

Her proclaimed dedication to this daily grind aside, don't be surprised if the Penn graduate -- magna cum laude in just three years, according to her bio -- found a way around such grueling paths of most resistance.

Certainly, IQ-wise Whitney Cummings -- a former supporting prankster on MTV's "Punk'd" -- is more capable of analyzing the chess pieces of the whole starlet game than most of her competition. In fact, it makes for great self-deprecating material.

During a recent Laugh Factory gig, for example, she went to that well several times, once noting that she often double-books dates when she's down to her last "morning after" pill: "Actually, I have two (pills) left, but I have an audition tomorrow," she quipped, getting laughs from the more cerebral demo in the packed club.

(Whitney is funny but this writer from Variety is getting sucked in way too easily by the "she's different cuz she went to college!" angle of Whitney Cummings' press package. How cerebral do you need to be to get that joke?)

Posted at May 2, 2008 2:41 PM