August 8, 2008

Katie Holmes Pixie Haircut Photos

Nevermind all this Olympics, war, economy election stuff. Let's deal with some important news. Katie Holmes has a new pixie haircut!!! OMGTFXZORZ

Katie Holmes Pixie Haircut Photos

Katie Holmes pixie haircut is all over the internet today. Katie Holmes debuted her new “do” this past week. See the Katie Holmes pixie haircut photos here.

Katie Holmes is rocking a new pixie haircut that has everyone talking. Katie Holmes new haircut is called a Pixie. Katie had been sporting a bob, but went with the pixie, which is an even shorter subset of the bob.

Katie Holmes, who’s married to Scientologist actor, Tom Cruise, is bringing the pixie haircut back in vogue, it hasn’t been popular since the ’80s or 90s. Her new Pixie is spiky as well as short, making it reminiscent of rockers of the past.

Holmes was spotted in New York City where she was preparing to star in the all new revival of Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons.”

Holmes is most famous for her role in TVs Dawson Creek, in which her hair was kept considerably longer. Over the years we’ve seen Katie Holmes try her hair in many ways, from short to long. One thing can be said, Katie almost always looks great.

Katie Holmes also seems to be sporting something new other than her haircut, maybe a baby bump?

Katie Holmes Pixie Haircut Photos

Katie Holmes Pixie Haircut Photos

Posted at August 8, 2008 11:24 AM