August 21, 2008

Super Crew Wins America's Best Dance Crew Final (VIDEO)

Video of tonight's America's Best Dance Crew Finale, in which justice was finally served when Super Crew (Super Cr3w) came out on top of the lovable but less talented So Real Crew. America actually made the right choice! Hope this bodes well for November. Super Crew, ABDC champions.

Super Crew Wins America's Best Dance Crew Final

It had to happen, but again, it probably was an episode too soon. Super Cr3w, with its skill, heart and battletude, should easily have been the top crew, but that distinction went to Houston's SoReal Cru. In Lil Mama's first assessment of them, she said that they reminded her of Kaba Modern, and she's right in terms of style. SoReal is smooth and talented, but most of all, popular. Like Boogie Bots, their popularity probably helped them through rough patches. Unlike Boogie Bots, they also usually perform really well. Despite criticism, they've been a highlight this season -- a season Lil Mama and Shane summarized.

But against Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w? On '80s night?! As you would think, the throwback hoofers of Fanny Pak and the breakdancing battlers Super Cr3w thrived with their challenges. It wasn't much of a contest. JC Chasez may have said it best when uttering: "If you think that SoReal Cru outdanced these two crews this episode ..." Then he was drowned out by the audience's agreeable shouts and dismissive boos. What he continued to say was that you're wrong if think SoReal Cru is in their class. The judges gave Fanny Pak a standing ovation (season's first, as was pointed out to me by a commenter and Mario Lopez) after their Missy Elliott performance, and Super Cr3w's routine caused Missy to call her own video "whack." So how did SoReal end up on top? It's all about votes, fair or unfair, and that's been part of what Shane calls a great season...

Super Crew Wins America's Best Dance Crew Final (VIDEO)

Posted at August 21, 2008 11:01 PM