January 8, 2010

Carrie Underwood Wants Big Hair? (PHOTO)

Carrie Underwood is already known for her big voice and grand sense of style, but as her wedding day approaches she says she is thinking big when it comes to her head too, and plans to have big hair in full effect for her wedding day.

She says in general she has simple tastes, and doesn't need a full scale "Bridezilla" wedding, but she wants to be done up nice for a nice simple affair. As her third album rises up the charts and she prepares to start a new tour, it must be fun to have a marriage to look forward to in the near future! I'm sure whatever hairi style she goes for will look lovely. For more details and pics, see below.

Carrie Underwood Wants Big Hair?

She may not know who's designing her wedding dress yet - or have picked a wedding date - but Underwood has some thoughts about how she plans to look on her big day. "I'm Southern," she says. "I like big hair and eyeliner. I want my wedding day to be me, so I'll probably be rocking some big hair and some eyeliner."

Carrie Underwood Wants Big Hair?

Posted at January 8, 2010 4:06 AM