February 6, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Hoarding (NEWS)

In an upcoming episode of the CBS show "The Insider", perennially troubled young actress Lindsay Lohan reveals a different type of addictive behavior that she's been struggling with: hoarding.

Hoarding is an addiction that is not associated with Hollywood's glamorous lifestyle, or the dramatic impact of more well-known addictions like drugs or alcohol, or even sex addiction. But it still causes turmoil in many thousands of lives, tears families apart and can ruin people if they never get help for it. Lindsay Lohan will be interviewed by Niecy Nash on the Insider show talking about what she calls a "sore subject", her own hoarding issues.

Or at least that's how it appears in the promos for the show, which seem to have a lot of convenient and and ambiguous editing, and it also seems possible the producers have exaggerated Lindsay Lohan's hoarding addiction to hype up their program. I guess you'll have to wait and see the show, if you really care to find out.

Lindsay Lohan Hoarding (NEWS)
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Lindsay Lohan can be seen on 'The Insider' this Thursday discussing her latest diagnosis: secret celebrity hoarder. "It's kind of a sore subject," Lindsay tells Niecy Nash in the teaser. Then she faces a room filled with shoes and clothes and dramatically intones, "I just need to get rid of this stuff." Supposedly her hoarding is a coping mechanism for the hurt caused by her father, shown in the opening montage...

Lindsay Lohan Hoarding (NEWS)

Posted at February 6, 2010 3:30 AM