May 7, 2010

Jennifer Aniston: baby food diet

Jennifer Aniston has been looking hotter than ever lately, and though some speculate it is the glow of a new romance, other reports say she is staying slim and trim with a baby food diet?

The baby food pack lots of nutrition and protein, and can according to some nutrition gurus be better for you than many other diets. Aniston says they are 'purer, nutrient-packed, gluten-free' meals that are great replacements for guilty pleasure snacking.

Heath experts say you cannot replace your entire diet with baby food, and need to have at least one adult meal a day, but having baby food instead of some chips or cookies is a great bet!

Jennifer Aniston: baby food diet

Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Marcia Cross are among the celebrities who are spoon-feeding themselves with toddler tucker. The idea of substituting one, and sometimes two, regular meals a day for the tiny fruit and vegetable meals originated from New York fashion guru Hedi Slimane. The 39-year-old French-born designer, who has just left Dior to launch his own line, is said to have first coined the phrase 'baby eating' by sticking to baby food for days on end to maintain his slimline figure. A-listers are snapping up the vitamin and mineral-rich snacks from organic 'designer' labels such as Earth's Best, which are now being sold in the healthfood sections of high-brow supermarkets.

Jennifer Aniston: baby food diet

Posted at May 7, 2010 4:52 PM