May 7, 2010

Miami Airport Body Scan Attack!

Be careful what jokes you make at the airport! One man was going through the airport body scan at Miami Airport where he works, and one to many jokes about the appearance of his body scan sent him over the edge and he attacked the jokers with a baton, causing a major incident at the airport.

The attack thankfully happened away from the public, in the employee parking lot, but still a major concern for airports that need to maintain security and professionalism. The jokes were apparently about the worker being poorly endowed, as it were. Airline passengers and crew may be well advised to keep jokes to themselves!

Miami Airport Body Scan Trouble

A Transportation Security Agency employee at Miami International Airport has been arrested for attacking a co-worker who teased him about the size of his genitals after he walked through a body scanner. Rolando Negrin, 44, was charged with aggravated battery after he used a police baton to beat Hugh Osorno on Tuesday. According to a police complaint, Negrin was upset following a training with whole body scanners with other co-workers. "The x-ray revealed [he] has a small penis and co-workers made fun of him on a daily basis," the complaint read. The beating happened in the employee parking lot. Negrin allegedly struck his co-worker repeatedly and then forced him to kneel down and apologize. Osorno suffered cuts and bruises on his arms and back. He was treated by the airport fire rescue.

Miami Airport Body Scan Trouble

Posted at May 7, 2010 4:57 PM