May 5, 2010

Lohan: Porn Star Role?

Lindsay Lohan, who has become as famous for her real-life rama and turmoil as her acting successes, is reportedly getting ready to play another actress best known for controversy: porn star Linda Lovelace.

Linda Lovelace was the star of Deep Throat, a highly controversial x-rated movie, that she later expressed regret for starring in. Lovelace went on to become an activist against the porn industry, and what she saw as its exploitation of women.

Said a producer of this biopic, "We've all thought that Lindsay would be a great choice for a while now, and we're all convinced that she is going to do it.

But the producer said Lindsay would have to challenge herself to pull off this performance. "(Linda) was so battered and beat up emotionally, that I think it's gonna take everything Lindsay has to really be able to pull it off."

Lohan: Porn Star Role?

Lindsay Lohan is set to return to acting, starring as porn star Linda Lovelace, according to several reports. A friend of Lohan's -- photographer Tyler Shields -- told E! News' Marc Malkin that the actress was definitely set to the play the '70s porn star in a film titled "Inferno." Additionally, Wali Razaqui, who is producing the film, told the Los Angeles Times that Lohan had been cast in the role. "Inferno" is one of two films currently being planned based around the life of the porn star, who turned anti-porn activist, before her death in 2002.

Lohan: Porn Star Role?

Posted at May 5, 2010 3:31 AM