May 5, 2010

Spider-Man Vs. Thief (VIDEO)

A foolish thief in Australia tried to rob a comic book store and was stopped by Spider Man himself!

Or more precisely, he wasstopped by the owner of the store, who was in full Spider Man costume at the time of the attempted comic book robbery. The young man was trying to steal a collection of X-Men stories, when the owner ran him down and caught him, on a day when fans had been invited to dress up as their favorite comic book legends. The Flash also joined in on the super-citizen's arrest.

Said the owner, "Everyone in the store thought it was a play, that it was street theatre of some sort, It wasn't until I said: 'Call the police' that people started to realise."

Spider-Man Thief Video

Only the most audacious, arrogant or amateurish thief would dare practise his craft in the presence of a web-slinging crime-fighter, a fleet-footed member of the Justice League and several light sabre-packing guardians of galactic peace and justice. But the lure of a AU$160 (£97) X-Men omnibus proved too much for one comic book fan, who decided to slip the illustrated treasure into his backpack in an Adelaide bookshop on Saturday morning. Sadly for the would-be shoplifter, he had not reckoned with the arachnid acuity of Michael Baulderstone or, more precisely, his CCTV cameras.

Spider-Man Thief

Posted at May 5, 2010 3:34 AM