June 14, 2010

Hispanics Leaving Arizona (VIDEO)

As the controversial law in Arizona that targets immigration issues, with what some say are unjust measures, continues to loom over the state, more and more Hispanics and Latinos are reportedly leaving the state, fearing harassment and unfair treatment.

According to some, it is not only these reasons but others as well, that are causing Hispanic residents to get out of dodge, as it were. According to experts, "If you have a bad economy and a hostile environment, then that's likely to cause people to think twice about coming, and possibly even to leave...The economy is always the primary factor in determining migration flows. It might appear as if these laws are turning back demographic tide in Arizona, but economic forces are a much more important aspect of that development recently."

So it could be that it's the recession, more than the immigration laws, that is the cause of this trend. But either way those laws are a bad idea.

Hispanics Leaving Arizona (VIDEO)

Arizona's hard-hitting immigration law is driving Hispanics out of the state weeks before the controversial law goes into effect. Although concrete figures are not available, anecdotal evidence suggests Hispanics, both legal residents and illegal immigrants, are starting to flee. Schools in Hispanic neighborhoods are reporting abnormal enrollment drops, and businesses that serve Hispanics also report that business is down, according to a USA Today report published Wednesday. The report suggests that the immigration law is compounding demographic trends that have already significantly curtailed illegal immigration during the past two years.

Hispanics Leaving Arizona (VIDEO)

Posted at June 14, 2010 3:24 AM